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a motirist trabelled 250 km in 3hour st the same rate how long will he take to 400 kilometer distance S ply ACTIVITY #5 Solve the problem.

Mrs. Roxas paid for 3 adult's tickets and 5 children's ticket that cost more than $400. Suppose an adults ticket cost $75. What could be the cost of a children's ticket?.

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Fiona bought some socks that cost $4.95 for each pair and some belts that cost $6.55 each. fiona spent $27.95 in all. let a represent the number of pairs of socks purchased and b the number of belts purchased.
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The volume of a cylindrical can varies jointlywith its height and the square of its radius.suppose that the radius is 3.5 cm, the heightis 11.2 cm, and the volume is 430.8 cm3.a. solve for the variation constant. write avariation equation.​
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D. arrange the following measures in descending order.1) 5 cm, 55 m, 53 dm, 55 km, 53 hm 4) 5.67 ha, 7034 sq dam, 689 sq. hm, 1.2 sq. km2) 45°c, 77°f, -5°c, -4°f5) 3.74 hrs, 480 min., 7200 sec, day3) 4.5 l, 3.2 kl, 32 dl, 406.14 cl6) 88 lbs, 41 kg, 4130 g, 45 hg​
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Can you teach me some cool math symbols and discribe them briefly so i can understand and look smart later, (i'm in gerade 10, so try to give me something that you think that i don't know)
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S ply ACTIVITY #5 Solve the problem.

Mrs. Roxas paid for 3 adult's tickets and 5 childr...

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