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If y varies inversely as y and y=_ when y=_2

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Math, 28.10.2019 15:29, enrica11
The lenght of arc ab of a circle with center at o is equal to twice the lenght of the raduis r of the circle. find the area of sector aob in terms of r.
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Math, 28.10.2019 19:28, kimashleybartolome
Standard form of [tex]5x { }^{4} + 3 {x}^{5} - 9[/tex]​
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Math, 28.10.2019 19:28, lhadyclaire
Malik randomly picked two numbers from 1 to 9 (including 1 and 9). the same number could be picked more than once. the first of the two numbers he picks is odd and less than 5. what is the probability that the sum of the two numbers malik picks is less than 5, given that the first number is odd and less than 5?
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Math, 28.10.2019 20:29, reyquicoy4321
Ascientist would like to clear his liquid sample of sediment by pouring it through a cone-shaped filter, the height of the filter is 26cm and its base radius is 8cm. if the liquid is flowing out of the cone at a constant rate of 4cu cm per minute, how fast is he depth of the liquid decreasing when the level is 16 cm deep?
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If y varies inversely as y and y=_ when y=_2...

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