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Find the GCM and LCM og 1. 8/16 2. 10/30 3.12/10 4. 8/12

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How many pieces of 7 ½ in. wire can be cut from 31 ¾ ft. roll of wire? ​
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Math10+8-3 paki sagot guy and follow na din​
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Help me to solve this the chain and gears of bicycle or motorcycle or belt around two pulleys are some real- life illustration of tangents and circles. using these real - life objects or similar ones, formulate problem involving tangents. then solve​
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The parents teacher associate (pta) at your school donated school supplies to help increase student creativity and student success in the classroom. your teacher would like you to create kits that include one package of colored pencils, one glue stick, one ruler. when you receive the supplies, you notice the colored pencils are package 12 boxes to a case, the rulers are packaged 30 to box, and glue sticks are packaged 4 to a box. what is the smallest number of each supply you will need in order to make the kits and not have supplies left over? explain your thought process? how many packaged rulers, pencils and glue sticks will you need to order to make the kits? explain your solution.
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Find the GCM and LCM og 1. 8/16 2. 10/30 3.12/10 4. 8/12...

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