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Order the following from least to greatest

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35 workers are employed to complete a constructionproject in 16 days. before the project starts, the bossof the company is told that he needs to completethe project in 14 days. assuming that all the workerswork at the same rate, how many more workers doeshe need to employ in order to complete the projecton time? ​
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Ajob could be done by eleven workers in 15 days. five workers started the job. they were reinforced with four more workers at the beginning of the 6th day. find the total number of days it took them to finish the job.​
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Is paid cash are accruals or defferals​
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when you download videos from the internet the price you pay depends on the numberof videos you buy. the price you pay varies directly with the number of videos you buyif the videos cost p176.00 each, what is an equation that represents this? ​
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Order the following from least to greatest...

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