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Deference between frog and humans

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Read this excerpt from the passage. many gamers practice at least 40 hours a week. they can put in 14 hours a day before competitions, working with their team to build the best strategies with their coaches (yes, coaches). traveling throughout the world for competitions often prevents having a “regular life.” as players age, many realize they want to be more involved with their families. based on the excerpt, which inference can readers draw about gaming? a. a gaming career requires extensive travel in order to compete. b. a gaming career appeals to younger people more than older ones. c. a gaming career prevents collaboration among players and coaches. d. a gaming career demands many hours of practice before competitions.
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Say something to exo if you know them
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determine whether each statement below isliteral or figurative. put a "check" on blank before eachnumber if the statement is literal and "x" if the state-ment is figurative.1. eddie was thirteen when his father firsttook him hunting.2.eddie felt hate heave like a caged, angry beast.3. biryuk and eddie became fast friends.4. eddie's eyes were wild as scuds.5. even as a young boy, eddie already hadthe instincts of a hunter.6. eddie saw his sister as a thorn in his sidesomething which should be plucked.7. eddie once thought that delia was ex-tending the olive branch to him.8. the stick of delia stabbed the eye ofeddie's dog.9. in the story, eddie and delia were like oiland water.10. with every word and gesture she hurledat me i caught and fed to my growingand restless hate.​
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What is the setting of the lottery by shirley jackson
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Deference between frog and humans...

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